Your order can get to you in one of the following ways:

Pick it up at our stock

·      Where is the stock? Our stock is at our company HQ. You can find the address here.

·   When is the stock opened? Working days between 9AM and 5PM.

·    How does it work? After we receive your full payment, we will prepare the ordered goods for you to pick it up and keep it ready for 7 days. by when you have to pick it up. In case you don’t make it in time, we will chargé you a small handling fee of 40Kč.

·   How much does it cost? Picking your order up from our stock within the 7 days from payment is free.

By contracted carrier GLS

·   When will I get my order? Typically within 4 working days in Czech Republic. International orders take longer and within EU, we should make it in 10 days.

·      How does it work? At the moment we receive your payment, we prepare your order and send instructions to the contracted carrier to ship it to you. The carrier delivers orders in working days and will contact you on the telephone number you gave us when creating your order.

• How much does it cost? Most orders have shipping for free in Czech Republic depending on the price you buy for. Business partners have other benefits like lower price and we ask for the shipment price without a markup. Shipping cost for international orders is calculated based on country we deliver to. The final shipping cost is displayed automatically right when you select the delivery method and before you place your order.



You can pay for your order the following two ways:

Wire transfer

·   How does it work? Select wire transfer when choosing the way you want to pay in creating the order. After you place your order, we will email you with its confirmation that will include information about how to make the wire transfer. You will then pay the order by transferring the total amount to our bank account. Please make sure you include your order number in the transfer so that we can identify your payment. You can also include your name to the transfer information if possible. When we receive your payment, we initiate the shipment or prepare your order for pickup depending on your choice of shipment method.

Payment card online

·     How does it work? Select payment cards or other online method from the list when choosing the way you want to pay. When placing the order, you will be redirected to a secure third party online payment gateway GoPay or further to your internet banking where you simply follow the instructions. The payment gateway is integrated to our eshop and it will receive information about your order and the total amount. We do not receive the whole payment card number, but we store the first few and last few numbers for identification. Once we receive confirmation of successful payment of the total amount, we initiate the shipment or prepare your order for pickup depending on your choice of shipment method.

Click here to read more about secure online payments.